Inmate sentenced to additonal 10 years for escape


Scott Gilbert, 53 year old inmate found guilty today of aggravated escape from custody from Lansing Correctional Facility on May 10, 2013.   Evidence was proffered to the court from the preliminary hearing held in March 11, 2016.   Defendant was pro se (or was his own counsel) and waived having a jury trial and did not contest the evidence.   The Court found him guilty of an aggravated escaping custody.  Set sentencing date for December 19.  Prior to the bench trial, Gilbert was denied his motion to dismiss based on the Interstate Agreement Detainers Act (an act in which a person in custody can request a trial or hearing within 180 days if they are in the custody of another jurisdiction).


Gilbert was previously convicted and sentenced to 128 years in Missouri for crimes relating to this escape.   Gilbert was sentenced to 128 years on 10 felonies including firing at a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest in January of 2015 in Platte County court.   A jury there convicted him after a two week trial.